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Caris Green

Wildflowers ~ Bluebell & Geranium / Botanical Wax Melts

Wildflowers ~ Bluebell & Geranium / Botanical Wax Melts

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Our luxury hand-poured wax melts are made from a sustainable natural wax and we only use premium fragrance oils free of paraben, PEG and silicons.

Wildflowers ~ Bluebell & Geranium

  • Fresh

  • Floral

A fresh and floral scent of a wild flower meadow, with geraniums, bluebells and wild roses. Mid-notes of  fresh lime and apple, resting on a bed of cedar and pine

*Wax burner not included but can be purchased separately here

Price is for one packet which contains x6 wax melt cubes lasting approx 72hrs

Weight: Approx 72g

Packaging: Eco Friendly Clamshell Recycled PET 86% recycled materials.

See our Scent Library for all scent descriptions

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